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Vietnam·Ho Chi Minh City·InternationalConvention and Exhibition Centre (SECC)

Exhibition Scheduling Program

Special design booth construction time: Septmenber 22-23, 2020

Standard booth construction time: September 23, 2020

Exhibition time: September 24-26, 2020

Closing time: 13:00 P.M.,September 26, 2020

About us

At present, china ’s textile and garment industry is facing serious challenges. Viewing from the perspective of international environment,the economic crisis since 2008 has greatly affected buyers in European and American countries and their international sourcing. Not only did the amount oforders have decreased sharply, but also they have been partly transferred tothe ASEAN countries headed by Vietnam and Pakistan. Viewing from the perspective of domestic environment, the appreciation of RMB, the rising laborcosts and other factors have increased the production costs, and the exporting competitive advantages have been weakening. All these have exacerbated the transfer of foreign trade orders. Because of the rapidly declined orders, aconsiderable part of domestic textile and garment manufacturers, especially companies that are export-oriented are in the long-term state of shut down and half shut down, facing a worrying future.


As an important part of the production chain of garment processing, the current situation of China’s textile printing industry equally bleak. Underemployment, lower wages, lack of human resources and other is suesare restricting the further development of the printing industry. It is foreseeable that the future market for China's printing equipment and materials manufacturers will thus be greatly hampered. It will be an urgent task for us to break the   geographical restrictionsand to find new opportunities.

Vietnam have attracted the attention of global investors and entrepreneurs for its economic growth in recent years. In 2014,Vietnam's economic growth rate was 8.2%, second only to China in East Asia. And its export growth has reached 22.1% . In 2015, Vietnam's economy growth rate maintainedin the rate of 8.5% , with foreign trade and foreign investment continuing to increase.

Since 2004, China has become Vietnam's largest tradingpartner, which ranked first in export and ranked third in import. In 2009,influenced by the global financial crisis, the amount of trade between Vietnamand other countries had been declining, with the exception of maintaining agrowth rate of 5.8% with China. In 2010, the trade volume between Vietnam and China has reached 27 billion US dollars. Since 2001, import re-export,re-export, processing, transit trade and other types of trade has become themain modes of trade. After the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) has been constructed, more than 6,000 kinds of trade tax rates between China and Vietnam will be reduced to 0-5%. It creates opportunities and favorable conditions forboth countries to sharpen the competitive edge and expand the the width and depth of trading. Meanwhile, with the "Nanning Singapore Economic Corridor" cooperation projects being actively carried out and gradually becoming reality, Vietnam will greatly promote the communication andcooperation of economy and trade between China and other countries in ASEAN asthe "tunnel" connecting the China and ASEAN.

There is no doubt that Vietnam will become the future target market for those with long-term strategic vision. The 2020Vietnam International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exhibition is committed toestablish a platform for textile printing equipments and materials forcomm unication and display, help Chinese manufacturers step out and seize opportunity in the Vietnam market.

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